Paper Making


Technicia has been representing Kadant Lamort for the last 35 years in the stock preparation field. Based in Vitry-le-Fran├žois, France, Kadant Lamort is a leading fiber line process equipment supplier that designs, manufactures, and services equipment used in virgin and recycled paper stock preparation and paper machine approach-flow applications.

This equipment effectively processes fibers to produce high-quality white and brown grades of paper. Kadant Lamort's systems are tailored to meet specific requirements pertaining to raw materials, water management, reject handling, and product quality.

Website: Kadant Lamort / France

Products Offered:

  • Pulping: High- and low-consistency pulpers provide high-efficiency defibering and removal of contaminants without breaking up the non-fibrous material.
  • Deinking: Patented technology used in the de-ink cell optimizes the injection of small air bubbles into the stock that collect the ink particles and float them to the surface for removal.
  • Screening: Both coarse and fine screens are used to remove smaller contaminants from the process flow. Fine screens, specially designed to reduce pulsations, are used in the approach flow to the head box.
  • Cleaning: Secondary fiber line debris removal, stickies removal in approach flow, and improved runnability for both secondary and virgin fiber lines.
  • Goslin Products: Heat transfer products for the pulp mill that include evaporation systems, blowheat, turpentine recovery, and non-condensable gas systems.
  • Services: Field service, inspection, maintenance, pilot plant testing, process consulting, repair and rebuild.