Allimand is a paper machine manufacturer located in France that has been designing and manufacturing complete turnkey machines as well as rebuilding existing machines for the paper industry since 1850.

All Allimand's competences also extend to head, break and backwater systems to ensure paper machine operating stability, optimized control of process waters, and a pulp quality suitable for the various production types. This largely acknowledged know-how has allowed Allimand to satisfy many paper mills and industries which produce technical or other papers.

Website: Allimand / France

Products Offered:

  • Pulp preparation:
    • Pulpers
    • Refiners
    • Deflakers
  • Paper machine:
    • Wet end: dilution headboxes, perforated roller headboxes, wire parts, top formers
    • Press section: dual pack-parters, tri-nip presses, shoe-presses, Jumbo presses, etc.
    • Dryer sections with cowl/ventilation and condensate vapour system
    • A-sizers/Size-presses
    • Calenders/calender stacks
    • Reels
  • Carrier roller winder
  • Vacuum pumps