• Chocolate & Confectionary

    This is an exciting time for the chocolate confectionery market

  • Flexible Packaging

    focus on sustainability such as more shelf life and easy to handle design.

  • Paper Making

    Raw material is first converted into pulp then pulp is converted to paper.

  • Can-making

    They chill faster and stay colder longer than any other beverage container.


Welcome to Technicia

Founded in 1957, Technicia offers products in multiple industries and consistently caters to customer needs while strengthening business relations, serving as a liaison between local companies and suppliers abroad.
Our diverse and continously expanding supplier network includes companies from Italy, Germany, France, England, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Spain and China.

Our ProductsTechnicia is proud to supply a wide and diverse range of products in the different fields that it is active in. Our products include:

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  • Specialty Fats

    Cocoa Butter Replacers Cocoa Butter Substitutes Cocoa Butter Equivalents
  • Cocoa Powder

    Cocoa Powder Cocoa Mass Cocoa Butter
  • Tin Plate

    Tin Plate Sheets Tin Plate Coils
  • Company Profile
  • Company History

Technicia is a house of agencies representing foreign companies in Egypt. Technicia has been establishing lasting business relationships with its customers for over 50 years. These relationships are reinforced by the mutual respect and honesty that Technicia has always valued so highly. The strength of the company lies in its dedicated and experienced staff, as well as its history of representing reliable, high quality suppliers worldwide. This combination has earned Technicia the reputation of being one of the most professional and trustworthy houses of agencies in the country.


Technicia was founded in Alexandria by the late Nicholas John Papadopoulo in 1957. He started off by acquiring the representation of world-renowned suppliers in the field of offset inks and chemicals.

Business picked up when President Anwar El-Sadat came into power in the early 70's thereby opening the country to the west. Technicia saw continued growth in the 80's and 90's as well an expansion in the realm of industries and portfolio of suppliers, to ultimately become one of Egypt's top houses of agencies.

The company currently employs more than 20 people and is run by John Papadopoulo, son of the founder, who consistently strives to tend to the needs and interests of both the suppliers and the customers.